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Web Design Services

Many business owners are discovering the importance of a web site.  Several elements are necessary to generate an effective site :

  • Graphics, logos, and color schemes should be consistent with the corporate image.  The web site should appear as a natural extension of this image.

  • A web site should be available to the largest audience possible.  The latest HTML features are usually not supported by the average customers web browser and may limit your market penetration.

  • The web site must appear professional.  Too many "bells and whistles" may distract your customer from their primary purpose at your site.

We work one on one with our clients to meet their individual needs. Our clients can see the site as it takes shape -- though it is not yet visible to the world. 

The site is submitted to search engines - allowing anyone in the world to find you.

Fees:  $40/hour for web design services including :

  • HTML Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Programming  (Database, PHP, JavaScrpt, Shopping Carts, Flash video & sound)
  • Road Maps to your Location Generated by 1 Click
  • Customer Input Form Processing  (On-Line Orders, Questionnaires, etc.)
  • Searchable Databases
  • Search Engine Placement

The total cost for most small businesses is $200-$400 for a small web site, depending on the number of features they request.

We enable your site to accept credit card payments.   This feature is very inexpensive for sites processing only a few transactions, and is moderately priced for sites processing many transactions.

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